Karen is an artist maker of fine jewellery.  After many years of two-dimensional animal portraiture she chose to retrain in the three-dimensional discipline of  jewellery design and making,  and more recently the craft of silversmithing at York School of Jewellery. 

Karen is currently based at the school in the historic city of York.  

Karen is also director and splint maker at The Beautiful Splint Company CIC utilising her design and fabrication skills, to create precious metal splints.

Drawing inspiration from her fascination for nature - the textures, shapes and fluid curves found all around -  Karen uses
carefully selected precious metals and gemstones to bring her designs to life.  With traditional skills she transforms flat sheets of metal into beautiful and unique "one off" pieces of wearable art

Karen also enjoys collaborating with clients on commissions, taking ideas from imagination - to sketchbook - to reality, so get in touch.  



York Open Studios 2022 - 2/3 & 9/10 April

York Creatives Online Market 28 November 2020

York Open Studios 2020  sadly cancelled due to Covid 19
York Frost Fair December 2019

York Open Studios 2019

Saltaire Makers Fair November 2018

York Open Studios 2018

The Beautiful Splint Company CIC

The Beautiful Splint Company creates bespoke finger, hand and wrist splints in precious metals for people with conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and Hypermobility Syndrome.
Working closely with healthcare professionals across the UK
these splints combine the support of a medical splint with the beauty of bespoke jewellery. 
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Beautiful Splint Company


York school of jewellery





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