Air pollutants, dust, perspiration, perfumes, oils and other natural elements can all cause problems. It is important that you properly care for your jewellery, this includes being aware of how you wear it, clean it, and store it.


Remove your jewellery when washing your hands or applying hand cream and when cleaning, showering, doing exercise or playing sports especially swimming (pool chemicals can cause severe discolouration/tarnishing). Put jewellery on after applying cosmetics, perfume, lotion, hair products and other chemical substances that can be corrosive, it should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.


Gold and silver jewellery can be polished with a soft, clean cloth or proprietary jewellery cleaning cloth.  Jewellery set with gems can be cleaned by careful use of a soft brush and soapy water  (in the case of pearls which can easily scratch use a new, clean makeup brush), rinse your jewellery under warm running water and dry with a soft cloth. We do not recommend the use of silver polish or silver dip.


Patina will naturally develop over time on silver items as part of the ageing process,  it can also it can also be introduced by the maker as part of the design process.  The charm of patinated jewellery is that pieces will change over time creating a totally unique look, individual to you. Care should be taken to clean them only with a soft cloth, never with silver cleaner which would remove the patina.

Gold plated items should only ever be cleaned gently with a soft cloth to protect the plated surface.  If after a few years (depending on the frequency of wear) the plating begins to thin in high wear areas, we are happy to offer a replating service at cost.

Store items in the boxes that they came in, or wrap in acid free tissue paper. You need to be especially careful with pearls, which are soft and will scratch more easily than gems and metals.