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As you will have gathered my name is Karen, I live near York with my husband and son.

I love "playing" with metal, using my hands, assorted tools and fire, the result of this (apart from a few melted disasters and the odd cut finger) is usually a beautiful, unique piece of art - also known as jewellery.

I hope in this blog to share with you my passion for metalwork and jewellery making, and to maybe offer a small insight into what happens at my workbench. For those of you who would like to take up jewellery making, don't delay, life is short - find a local class (nothing beats first hand experience) get

a good book (try Tim McCreight) look at You Tube, but do something. Don't be one of the people who say "I wish I had..." or "if only....".

The very first thing that I made was a silver ring set with a sapphire. During its making I developed an intense love/hate relationship with this ring (things always look so much easier and quicker to do than they actually are). Aided by my tutor Nik of the York School of Jewellery I persevered and this ring truly became the start of my adventure - my "one ring".

"My Precious"

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